onsdag 11 juli 2018

Gränna 2018....

...... is over for this year!
A massive thanks to the committee for a super show as always 🏆

We had some fantastic days with a lot of friends, so happy your'e in my life 💖.
Beautiful weather! But maybe a little to nice, it was very hot!🌞happy to have ac in my motorhome 👍
Here are some pictures 😃

Norrman, SE CH Celunas Hearbreaker, with his offspring won BEST IN SHOW progeny ! 🏆
so proud of this boy !
BIG thanks to judge Mr Robert Jenkins, Slatady

BEST IN SHOW breeder 3, Kronsäter's 🏆
Big thanks to judge Mr Dave Manito, Dynastaff

from left, Eddie, MajLis, Karma (only 10 monts old), Rex

Eddie, SE JW-16 Kronsäter.s Midnight 4th in the big open class with CK 🏆
Big thanks to judge Mr Jack Coates, Bellerophon

Eddie´s father, Gusten, Championclass 2 with CK, with the best Petra I know 😘

My, Our, (Sigge, CH Kronsäter's Lyckträff's Beautiful daughter ), 
Cometstaff's Kristallkrona, Dottie, 
BEST Bitch 2 from a massive Open bitchclass 🏆
BIG thanks and Congratulations to Therese Uggeldahl 💖😘

And BIG thanks to judge Mr Mark Marshall, Marstaff

Kronsäter's Madeleine, Starlet got Excellent and was shortlistet, (10 out of 69) in the big Open bitch class 🏆

Eddie´s sister, my Kronsäter's Summer, Mocca was also shortlistet in the big open class 🏆
and another sister, Kronsäter's Sunday Morning, MajLis got Excellent too 🏆

Starlet, Mocca, MajLis 

C.I.B FI UCH NO UCH SE UCH Kronsäter's Venska Vinnare 
BEST IN SHOW veteran at his last show ! 
What a great end of his fantastic career a few days from 11 years birthady🏆
He was also competing in rallyobediance, with the best Ina Ammunet, Finland

"age is just a number"

My, Our Sia, Kronsäter's Make A Wish got Excellent in Intermedia
Kronsäter's Armstrong, Excellent in junior
SE CH FI CH Kronsäter's Sunrise, Excellent in champion

Kronsäter's Express, vg in open dog
 Rex to the left and Eddie

My, Our Kronsäter's Monark, vg in junior, 
she was in her very first rally obediance competition too, only 10 months old

My, Our Redvilla's Star Strucked, Tony vg in open
with Therese uggeldahl

And some of my boys: Sigge, Tony and Norrman offsprings,
got some excellent results, so happy for their beautful babies 🏆

BIG Congrats to everybody 🏆

Norrman daughter, CH Celuna's Kodak Moment with Åsa Monthan
Winner of CH class and BEST BITCH 4 🏆

Norrman daughter, (picture) Rascalstaff Enchantress 3rd in Intermedia
and Rascalstaff Harley Quinn 4th in Intermedia

Sigge son, Cometstaff Key Light, 3rd in open and BEST DOG 4 🏆

Sigges babies to Fastback kennel in Norway 🏆

Tony's babies to Cometstaff 🏆

Ina was competing with 3 dogs 🏆in agility, rallyobeiance and obediance 🏆
Rinkelii, Kronsäter's Jungle Jewel was no 2 in obediance class 3 🏆
It was a big pleasure to watch these happy dogs waging their tails 💖

a big happy family 
Norrman, to the left, and one of his wifes Penny to the right, children in the middle

and..yes it's true... Petra and did get ourselfs a new baby 😁 she is a russian girl from Kira Vokina, Attitude
Attitude You'll See "Lotta" 4,5 months old, we love her 💖

pizza is a musthave at Gränna 😁

see you all next year 💗 loveya

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