fredag 27 juli 2012

måndag 23 juli 2012


...... was the result in INT. DogShow in Köping this weekend :)
Kronsäter´s Gigolo (only 16 months old) was BOB again and got the CC & CACIB, and then in the big Terriergroup he got BIG-4, soo happy :)
He´s mother SEUCH Kronsäter´s Åsa got another CACIB and was BOS :)
Kronsäter´s Romantic Romeo´s son Tehotassun Bonus "Rymy" was BOB and Finnish Champion in Finland :)
And one Romeo daughter Zican Quite Nice "Polly" were 2 Best Bitch and got CC, first time out :)
And C.I.B Kronsäter´s Rut Rödluva´s daughter was BOB puppy  :))))
My little pug Redvilla´s Tasteful Tiny Fairytale "Saffran" got Excellent with CK and was 3 in jkk :))
What a weekend :)))))))
THANK YOU Anna-Lena Munkvall for BOB & BOS :)
and THANK YOU Jurate Butkiene, Litauen for the Group result :)

Patrik Cederlöf was the handler for Gigolo in BOB, THANK YOU Patrik :)

it´s extra special fun when he´s my own breeding, and I bred he´s  mother, he´s father and grandmothers (on both sides)

Åsa with her eyes open ;)

Gigolo and he´s mother Åsa :)

Romeo´s daughter "Polly" breeder Patrik Cederlöf kennel Zican

Romeo´s son "Rymy" breeder Minna Snell, kennel Tehotassun,Finland

Rut´s dotter " Suki"

tisdag 17 juli 2012

2 weeks....

.... and just opened thir eyes...
all of them 3 girls and the boy to the right

pied girl

red girl

red with white girl

the boy

måndag 16 juli 2012