lördag 21 april 2018


...... Eddie and Ellens puppies are born and 15 days today, 2 boys and 3 girls !! They were born in just 1 hour !! Everybody is doing great, mum and babies 💖 they have got collars on with diffrent colours
And they have eyes now 👍

"blue" boy

"green" boy

"pink" girl

"purple" girl

"red" girl just bearly opened her eyes

onsdag 14 mars 2018

CRUFTs 2018.....

........ a dream came true..... where shall I start?

I start at the end 😉
Eddie, SE JW-16 Kronsäter's Midnight, did it !!
He got a placement at the biggest show ever! CRUFTS !!
and not just any plcement, THE FIRST in his class, MidLimit, 25 entries.
Jayne showed him to perfection, I'm so proud and so grateful to her 💖
And thanks to the judge Mr Patrick McGlynn for thinking so highly of my boy!
here are some pics....

a nice sunny walk...



nice flower

two nice flowers

me and Noomi

Noomi 💖


so nervous ! my hands were shaking 😁

ofcourse 😊

3 friends just resting a bit 

happy dogs

And a special thanks to some of my best friends, for another great trip together 💖

torsdag 21 september 2017

det är mycket....

..... som jag inte bloggat nu, men det får bli en senare historia kanske......
Här kommer bilder på Lycka X Norrman bebisar 6 veckor redan